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Stock Upgrading: The Power of Momentum

Stock Upgrading is a core "momentum" strategy based on the observable phenomenon that recent performance tends to persist. With this strategy we diversify your portfolio across five stock-fund "risk categories". We then buy the funds SMI objectively determines to be demonstrating the strongest current momentum, occasionally replacing lagging funds with those showing greater momentum. Historically, Stock Upgrading has generated better long-term returns than the overall market.

Dynamic Asset Allocation: Winning By Not Losing

DAA is a core strategy that’s designed to help you share in some of a bull market’s gains, while minimizing (or even preventing) losses during bear markets. The strategy involves using exchange-traded funds to rotate among six asset classes, holding three at any one time. DAA is a defensive, low-volatility strategy that nonetheless has generated impressive back-tested results, demonstrating the power of “winning by not losing.”

Sector Rotation: High Risk, High Reward

This strategy invests in a single special-purpose stock fund that focuses on a specific sector like biotech or financial services, which SMI objectively determines to have especially high current momentum. It’s a high-risk/high volatility strategy. While its peaks and valleys have been higher and lower than all other SMI strategies, Sector Rotation has generated especially impressive long-term returns. The strategy is designed for use with no more than 25% of your stock allocation.

Just-the-Basics: Simple Excellence

Through the use of index funds, we spread your allocation across the entire stock market (domestic and international). But don't be fooled by its name. Just-the-Basics is designed to match the performance of the market in a tax-efficient manner, so it is well-suited for use in taxable accounts.

Bond Upgrading:

This approach uses bonds to provide safety and stability. The strategy combines a bond index base with rotating bond funds that vary in duration, credit rating, and type. Similar to Stock Upgrading, this strategy regularly replaces lagging bond funds with those showing greater momentum.

Asset Protection Guarantee

If you lose cash or securities from your TD Ameritrade account due to unauthorized activity, TDA will reimburse you for the cash or shares of securities you lost.

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Mobile App

The SMI Private Client Mobile App allows Select and Premier clients to check balances and transactions, track performance, monitor financial plans, view statements and tax forms, and contact their advisors. A separate mobile app for Classic clients is currently in development.

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Tax Loss Harvesting

Tax selling strategy utilized within taxable accounts during the market's inevitable ebbs and flows which is designed to help defer part of your capital gains and enable your taxable gains to compound longer.

Asset Location

Asset location is an investment strategy that manages multiple accounts with different tax profiles as a single portfolio, which may improve after-tax returns while maintaining your overall portfolio allocation.

For example, SMI may prioritize the following:

  • Just-the-Basics in taxable accounts (e.g. Individual, Joint)
  • Sector Rotation in tax-free accounts (Roth IRA)
  • Bonds in tax-deferred accounts (e.g. Traditional IRA)

Free Trades

These trades will be exempted from TD Ameritrade’s commissions. However, SEC Fees will still apply, as will any short-term redemption fees, if applicable. Health Savings Accounts do not receive free trades since they are opened by third party administrators.

Annual Management Cost

Fees are calculated monthly based on the average daily balance of the account(s) under SMI management, and withdrawn directly from your account(s). Each monthly fee represents that month's portion of the annual management cost.